Team Aerostars to Perform at Chicago Air & Water Show

aerostars2.jpgTeam Aerostars made their inaugural appearance at the Chicago Air & Water Show in 2013. They obviously made a good impression as they are back for a third time this year. A 3-ship demonstration team that fly the Yak-52, an aircraft originally designed by the Soviet Union and now built in Romania.

The Team has been performing domestically and internationally for 13-years. Team member David Monroe is looking forward to flying this show "It is always great to do a hometown show knowing that there are so many friends and family watching".

Their performance will showcase the performance and maneuverability of the 400 horsepower, supercharged, nine cylinder radial engines that will delight the crowds with their deep throttling roar. The Aerostars will fly a variety of opposing maneuvers as well as formation loops and rolls.

Read more about Team Aerostars on their website, Twitter and Facebook. Check out the video below to get a taste of what you will see at the 2013 Chicago Air & Water Show.



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