Sean D. Tucker & Team Oracle

team_oracle.jpgHands down my favorite civilian airshow performer is Sean D. Tucker. He flies the unique, personally crafted Oracle Challenger bi-plane in performances that are often the highlight of any airshow.

Sean used to fly a factory build Pitts Special however to perform some of his signature moves he needed something more powerful. His team built what they believe to be the most high-performance aerobatic aircraft in the world, the Challenger III biplane. This aircraft has helped set Sean apart from the rest of the airshow performers. According to Team Oracle "over half of Sean's maneuvers are original and have never been duplicated by another aerobatic pilot."

Sean is also the most passionate aviator I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and is an ambassador for aviation to fans around the world. In addition to a demanding airshow performance schedule that puts him in front of 10 millions fans each year he has created the a world-class flight training institution, the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety.

A few years ago, prior to the airshow I had the opportunity to fly with Ben Freelove, an Instructor at the Tutima Academy. I was extremely impressed with my experience and would love to someday spend some time at the Tutima Academy honing my flying skills.

View posts, photos and videos of Sean D. Tucker and Team Oracle. You can also learn more about Team Oracle on their website, twitter and Facebook.


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