May 23, 2004

Window Seat - Deciphering the View From Above

window_seat1.jpgI was reading the June issue of Men's Health, in their Guy Wisdom section they referenced a book by Gregory Duncan, Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air. The book contains more than 70 aerial photographs and a foldout map of common flight paths in North America.

The maps and photos are meant to help the window seat passenger to decipher what they are seeing below. Whenever I travel I always select the window seat. I usually plan ahead and think about what direction we will be approaching the destination city and choose which side of the plane to sit on in order to have the best view of the city. For instance flying into Newark I find more often than not sitting on the left side yields a great view of New York. During flights like the one to New York I often see a ton of towns and cities and wish I knew what they were. The only landmark I usually recognize is Niagara Falls. I always regret not having brought along some sort of map.

This book sounds like it helps readers see cities, landmarks and geography from 30,000 feet and understand what they are and what is coming up next. Photographs in this book are said to include the Rockies at Aspen, Mississippi River, the GM Lansing assembly plant, the San Andreas fault, Disney World, Niagara Falls, the Chesapeake Bay, Chicago and much more.

In an Arizona Daily Star book review, the author was quoted, "A century ago, nobody on Earth could have hoped to see this view, and yet it's yours -- free -- with every flight you take."

As soon as I read the reviews about this book I decided I needed to check it out. I ordered a copy today. I will keep you posted.

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Now at least you'll have something to entertain you when I'm asleep on the plane! =) This book should come in real handy on our flights this summer - especially to Alaska!

Posted by: CJ at May 24, 2004 9:10 AM | Reply

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