May 4, 2004

Skies Cleared for Bush '04 Tour

The Bush/Cheney '04 tour cruised through the midwest today and affected air traffic all along the way. The FAA released Temporary Flight Restrictions in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas today. There was a 30 nautical mile restricted area for venues and a 10nm no fly bubble along the bus route.

This is a greater restriction for a Presidential bus tour than in years past. According to an AOPA representative the difference between Presidential Campaign restrictions prior to September 11, 2001 and now is as follows: "What makes this different is that whereas the old TFRs were three miles in radius, this is expected to be ten, and it's expected to extend nine times higher. That's 100 times the airspace that used to be affected." You can read more about the Presidential TFR's on AOPA's website.

Additionally, you can view the actual TFR from the FAA here.

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