September 15, 2004

Sandy Jamieson - Alaskan Bush Pilot & Artist

jamieson_predator_control.jpgWhile in Alaska I came across the work of a talented and humorous artist named Sandy Jamieson. I was originally drawn to a painting of his because it included an airplane. But I was taken by the way he merged aviation, wildlife and an amusing wit to create a wonderful collection of paintings.

At the time I bought just a postcard-size print of one of his painting called Predator Control (right). But I have a feeling I will likely purchase a full size painting in the future. Predator Control portrays two wolves hunting from the skies while flying a Piper Super Cub. Although hunting from an aircraft is illegal in Alaska, Jamieson writes that it still goes on from time to time. He says "I like to imagine there are wolves who dream of taking to the air in their own version of predator control."

I also really enjoy a painting called "Security Checkpoint" which portrays Santa's Sleigh being forced to go through a security check before take-off.

According to his website Sandy Jamieson is a working guide and pilot for most of the year in the wildest parts of Northern Alaska and during the dark winter, he retreats to his log studio to work as an artist and illustrator. He is the pilot of a Cessna 170 floatplane.

I encourage you to visit Sandy Jamieson's website.

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