May 7, 2004

Rocket Cam & In-Flight DSL

There was a post on in January that I missed. I came across it this evening while googling for information on in-flight DSL access, more on that in a moment.

What I came across was a post about a model rocket launched with an in-flight video camera attached. A couple of Aussies were interested in the possibility of transmitting live video and audio from a model rocket to the ground. They documented their experiences, which are pretty interesting to read. Additionally, they have a few great video samples.

Now, you know where my time goes. I was originally looking into more information on in-flight DSL services and then spent 30 minutes reading about rocket videos. So back to the DSL - A recent newsletter explained Boeing's plan to offer In-Flight DSL. In that report it quoted Forrester Research as saying "our research shows that 38% of frequent travelers are willing to pay at least $25.00 per flight for full, high-speed access to the Internet and their corporate network."

In response Boeing has unveiled the following pricing: $29.95 for long haul (more than six hours) flights, $19.95 for medium-haul (between three and six hours) flights, $14.95 for flights shorter than three hours.

I would think it would be a great idea if only I could get my laptop battery to last more than a half hour.

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