August 15, 2005

Red Baron Pizza Squadron

red_baron1.jpgThe first time I saw the Red Baron Squadron® perform was last summer at the Blue Ash Airport Days in Cincinnati, OH. Flying their vintage Stearman biplanes they entertained the crowd with some close quarters formation flying while performing amazing acrobatic maneuvers. I was excited to see that the Red Baron Squadron is scheduled to perform at the 47th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show this weekend.

The pizza brand and their air show performance squadron are named after the WWI "Ace of Aces" Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen better known as "The Red Baron". The German is famous for downing 80 enemy aircraft in World War I.

The Red Baron Pizza Squadron, which is the longest-running, non-military air show act, has been performing at air shows since 1984. The team includes eight pilots who have logged more than 48,000 flight hours. Their open cockpit Stearman Bi-Planes were built in 1941 and 1943 and have been slightly modified to allow for inverted flight. The Stearman was used by the Army and Navy as a training plane during WWII. After that it became a favorite of barnstormers and crop dusters.

I am sure the Red Baron Squadron will put on a great show this weekend.

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