September 22, 2004

Ready for Passengers in the Cessna 172

For the past few days the weather has been absolutely beautiful. I was just hoping the weather would stay nice for my flight time tonight. When I left work I knew I was in for a great flight. The winds were light and variable and the skies were clear.

When I arrived at the airport, I noticed the Cessna 152 I had scheduled was booked after my flight so I would be limited to a short flight. So I instead decided to take the Cessna 172 which was free for the remainder of the night and would give me valuable practice time in this aircraft I was not 100% comfortable landing yet.

The airport was hopping, it seemed the nice weather had a tractor beam effect that pulled the pilots away from their other passions to the airport. I decided my time in the 172 would be best spent working on my landings and with Blue Ash being so busy I departed to the north to Lebanon-Warren Country Airport.

As I approached Lebanon-Warren County I noticed a hot air balloon off in the distance. I remembered from my studies that the balloon had right of way over my more maneuverable plane so I steered clear. I lined up my first landing approach and made the best landing I have ever made in the Cessna 172. I followed it up with two more great landings. I believe my previous landing problems in the 172 were caused by having too much speed during final approach. Using a slightly reduced speed I can now touch down softly and smoothly.

I next returned to Blue Ash where the traffic was starting to wind down as it was just me and two other planes. I made a landing there and decided I was having to much fun to call it quits for the night and flew the pattern again. I was sad to make the final landing of the night but was excited to have had such a successful flight.

I think I am finally comfortable with my abilities with the 172 and now feel comfortable bringing passengers along in this plane. Anyone ready, Bueller, Bueller...

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I thought you would never ask!

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