August 9, 2013

My Old Friend the Piper Archer


The majority of my flight time this summer was spent getting checked out in the Sky Arrow, a fun little two seat pusher aircraft that had joined Leading Edge Flying Club about a year ago. Unfortunately, soon after getting checked out in the aircraft I learned that the owner was moving across the country and would be removing the airplane from the club.

Yesterday in Chicago we were blessed with ideal flying conditions. So I rented the club's Piper Archer III, the aircraft I have been flying most frequently over the past few years. It was fun getting reacquainted with an old friend. There is definitely something special about checking out new aircraft and the learning that comes with it. But, there is something equally special about knowing an airplane well. It makes the flying experience that much more about the enjoyment of the flight as your mind and body know exactly how to get the desired performance from the aircraft. Last night there was no fumbling for switches or looking all over the place to find something as I was experiencing in the Sky Arrow.

Last night it was about enjoying a perfect night taking in a perspective of the world far too few get the opportunity to enjoy. I am looking forward to turning the Hobbes on the Archer on a more regular basis for the remainder of this year.

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The piper archer is commonly used aircraft to train pilots all over the world. With a 180HP Lycoming engine and advanced Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite, The archer is modern, reliable and safe of both training and flying.

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