January 9, 2005

Learning to Fly Again

With the holidays, snowstorms and weeks of rain behind me I was finally able to make it out to the Blue Ash Airport today to fly. I last flew in the first week of December. Being so long since I last flew I spent some time this week refreshing my memory on the Cessna 152 and how weather effects flying in the winter. I went back to my Jeppessen books, my Sporty's Private Pilot Flight Training DVD Course and my Cessna 152 manual. I also took extra time with my pre-flight inspection including some time re-familiarizing myself with the cockpit.

I think every pilot in the Cincinnati area today decided to take advantage of the first nice day for flying in weeks. The airport was a buzz with activity when I arrived. The plane I was renting was the only one of six from my fixed based operator that was not in the sky yet. Since the skies above were filled with aircraft working in the pattern, I took off and flew east of the Blue Ash Airport.

The Ohio Valley has dealt with terrible rain for the past week and most rivers are flooding over in amazing form. From the sky, pilots have a unique vantage point of this devastating force of Mother Nature. I flew for almost an hour viewing overflowing rivers and lakes.

When I returned to Blue Ash the airport was still busy with traffic. There was one pilot who had angered two other pilots by cutting them off in the traffic pattern. It was interesting to listen to their argument, I was glad the reckless pilot landed before I entered the pattern. My first landing of 2005 was under cross wind conditions and was a little bouncy but satisfactory nonetheless since I am here writing to you.

It was great to get airborne again. I am hoping the weather gets better allowing me to fly more in January.

Posted by at January 9, 2005 7:52 PM

I am glad you went flying again too! Looks like Thursday would be a great night to fly ... a bit chilly, but clear, at least! =)

Posted by: CJ at January 11, 2005 9:37 AM | Reply

Glad you flew again -- very wise to take the extra time! I'm sorry you didn't have the camera for pictures though.

Posted by: Similate at January 11, 2005 12:58 PM | Reply

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