March 9, 2011

Garmin Store Offers Free G1000 Instruction

Garmin_Store_G1000.jpgDid you know that the Garmin Store in Chicago will offer pilots an hour of instruction on the G1000 with a Certified Flight Instructor for free? When Rod Rakic, of MyTransponder, shared this with me I thought he had spent too much time above 10,000 feet without oxygen. Surely he knows nothing in aviation comes free, especially training.

I am happy to report he was spot on. Garmin offers a GPS Academy from which you can select a variety of training options for their GPS devices, most of which require a purchase. However, that is not the case with the G1000 Mentor Simulator Tutorial which is a free course to FAA Certified pilots and student pilots. The course is an hour long one-on-one session in the FRASCA Mentor Simulator featuring the G1000 glass cockpit suite.

Hayley, the Garmin CFI, walked me through the PFD and MFD and we discussed the core functionality of the system which I felt I already had a good handle on. Next, I put in a flightplan for a departure from Midway to South Bend, Indiana. I wanted to get more familiar with the auto pilot functionality and some of the more hidden features like drawing extended runway lines.

Learning the G1000 in actual flight can be daunting. You need to be careful not to get fixated on the G1000, forgetting to keep your head outside the cockpit and flying the plane. Learning on the Garmin store simulator is more efficient. I was able to focus on the G1000 and learning the flows required to successfully use the device with less concern for the plane and no hobbes meter lightening my wallet.

If you are planning to transition to an airplane with a G1000 cockpit and don't have access to the Garmin store, I highly recommend these G1000 Training tools. All of which provide great detailed information on the G1000. Though, in my mind you can't beat flying a simulator in real life conditions with a CFI sitting by your side for free.

Next time you are in Chicago I highly recommend you schedule some time with the Garmin CFI, simply click on GPS Academy on the Garmin Store website to get started. While you are there enjoy the rest of their drool-worthy gadgets in their Michigan Avenue store.

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Maybe i'll just stick to the simulator. Anyway it's the closest thing in flying but it comes cheaper and less danger. Are this simulators for sale to civilians?

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