February 18, 2005

Flying the Diamond Katana

katana.jpgThis weekend I plan to take my first flight in the Diamond line of aircraft, flying a Diamond Katana rented from Blue Ash Aviation. This will be my first flight in over a month and I am itching to go. As a private pilot you can only rent planes you have been checked out in by the renter. So when I fly the Katana the instructor will familiarize me with the plane and ensure I understand how to fly it safely. After this flight or a subsequent flight I will be "checked out" on that plane and be able to rent it on my own.

To date I have only flown Cessna 152 and 172s. The Cessnas I have flown have been raised wing aircraft with a traditional yoke control. The Katana is a conventional low wing aircraft that is controlled by a control stick between the legs rather than a yoke. I always love new experiences so I am looking forward to flying a plane by stick and rudder. It will also be cool to have a new perspective from the air that will allow we to look up through the Katanas clear canopy.

I read a brief review of the Katana on AVWeb that makes it out to be a fun plane that is excellent for training flights. I will post a review after my flight with my review.

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