September 10, 2005

Flying the Cessna 172

n122fr.jpgSince moving to Chicago I have flown at two different fixed based operators (FBO) that were based at two different airports. At the same time I have flown three different planes. Since I am a big fan of consistency I have decided that I am going to try and fly just one aircraft and concentrate on one FBO and airport.

I decided to select the Cessna 172 as the plane I will concentrate on in the near future. The 172 is one of the most common planes that can be found at almost any FBO and it is a larger plane than the Diamond Eclipse allowing me to have more flexibility for passengers or cargo. I did most my training in the Cessna 152 which is similar but smaller than the 172 so I feel very comfortable in it.

Today I flew out of Midway with Alex of Midway Aviators in one of their two Cessna 172s. We flew south to Lansing where we worked on landings. With today's flight I now have approximately eleven hours of flight time in the Cessna 172 but I look forward to increasing that number soon.

This was only my second flight from Midway and already I am feeling much more comfortable with the radio communications at this busy airport. I was able to make almost all the calls and replies without assistance from my instructor. I have really enjoyed my experiences at Midway.

When you fly in a controlled environment often the tower will notify you of nearby aircraft and ask if you have that aircraft in sight. Sometimes that can be difficult if the plane is small, despite being told the altitude and general direction of the aircraft. It was fun this afternoon when the tower notified me of a Southwest 173 at my 3 o'clock landing on the parallel runway to mine. No troubles spotting that tin can.

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Very well put together site!! I recently started a blog talking about aviation from the flight instructor's perspective, and my experiences haven't come anywhere near your airshow press day story. What a great time that must have been! Fly some more and post, I'm looking forward to reading. ---Jeff

Posted by: Jeff Frabell at September 28, 2005 7:15 PM