July 12, 2004

Flying Solo to Controlled Airport

This afternoon I had the Cessna 152 scheduled for a solo flight. I had decided earlier this week that I wanted to work on landings at a controlled airport while flying alone. In my one my recent flights with my CFI we spent some time making landings at Lunken, the closest towered airport to my home field.

As a solo student you can only land at airports that you have been endorsed for by your instructor and mine had recently signed me off for Lunken. After departing Blue Ash, I flew north away from the airport, and from Lunken, and did some S-turns and steep turn practice. After checking the weather at Lunken, I contacted the tower and was cleared to land on runway 21R. I made two touch and gos then followed those with two stop and gos. I felt really comfortable in my communication with the tower and made some nice crosswind landings.

After that I returned to Blue Ash. Tonight's flight was a lot of fun. I originally planned to do just the two landings and spend about an hour in the plane but things were going so well I just wanted to continue the practice and ended up earning 1.5 more solo hours.

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