July 3, 2004

Discovering History from the Air - Civil War Munitions Factory

factorytrees_small.jpgMy flight training has progressed well and most of my remaining requirements are related to solo flight time. I reserved the Cessna 152 for this morning, but unfortunately when I arrived at the airport, the visibility was poor. It was below the 5 statue miles that I am approved to solo in. So I rescheduled for later in the day. I was disappointed but am learning that patience is important an important virtue for pilots. By 11:30 it was beautiful so I returned to the airport and I flew northeast to the practice area we use. There I practiced slow flight, S-turns and steep turns.

While I was doing my steep turns I noticed a cool old factory along a river. It looked to be abandoned but was a beautiful site surrounded by trees on all but one side where the river ran by it. I was intrigued by it so I circled a few times looking for the roads leading to it. They were hard to follow due to the canopy of trees. I was, however, able to track a road back to the highway. I returned to the airport and performed a nice crosswind landing.

I drove home and asked my wife to join me on an adventure. I drove back north of Cincinnati to the King's Mills area. We meandered through a set of winding roads before we crossed a river where we found the Peters Cartridge Company building. It looked to have been abandoned for several years, it might have been the trees growing inside that gave it away. We looked around for a little bit and took some pictures.

There is some interesting history behind this factory. It was built in the 1860s and served as a munitions manufacturing plant for the Union Army during the Civil War making cannonballs and bullets. Later on the factory was used to make munitions for Remington then most recently before being closed it was managed by Columbia Records who used it to press and store vinyl discs. ForgottenOhio.com has some interesting history and photos about this plant including a few ghost stories.

Discovering sites I would have otherwise never seen is just another wonderful benefit of learning to fly.

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I look forward to exploring more new and exciting places together with my favorite pilot!

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I'm a Kings Mills Resident, I have rented space in factory for about eight years.
This place was not used during the civil war, a member of the King Family was awarded the land that is now Kings Mills for his Civil War service and started the factory during 1880's. A small town town existed (no longer) along the banks of the Little Miami called Gainsville. The south bank started as King Powder until the great explosion of 1890. They moved to the other side of the river to avoid future incursions with railroad. Peter's (A Baptist Preacher) married Kings and invented a cartridge loading machine. King started Peter's out and the Peter Cartridge Factory was born. The first buildings were made of wood, cash flow from using the smokeless powder in the cartridges allowed them to build the buildings you see today. I understand that the shot tower today is third one that was made, the prior two were wood.

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