May 20, 2004

Cincinnati City Council Says No to Commuter Traffic at Lunken

lunken.jpgThe Cincinnati City Council voted Wednesday on three issues related to Cincinnati's Lunken Airport. The council approved two motions - extending the main runway (21L/3R) by 900 feet to 7,000 feet and increasing the weight limit for planes to 100,000 pounds from 70,000. The City Council unanimously voted down a motion to allow regularly scheduled commercial service.

This issue has been a hot one in Cincinnati as neighbors of the airport have been complaining about the noise the airport generates. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported, "Neighbors feared that scheduled service would lead to more noise and hurt their property values. They formed the Lunken Neighborhood Coalition four years ago."

Councilman Jim Tarbell, who at times has been open to commercial service at Lunken told the Enquirer "I would hope as time progresses there will be options to revisit this again. But, for the time being, it's better to just get this part behind us and focus on the noise study and master plan." I think the time to review this matter again may come as soon as June when a current study of noise generated by aircraft using Lunken is going to be presented to the City Council.

A local radio station 550 WKRC is hosting a poll on their website "Should commercial passenger flights be allowed at Lunken Airport?" As of Thursday morning 84% were in support of passenger flights. I live in the area near Lunken and I too would support the easy access to commercial flights.

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