July 22, 2010

Aviation Products for the Whole Family

airplane_onesies.jpgIn June my life changed considerably with the birth of my twins, Peter and Sarah. Over the past month, despite sleepless days and nights, these new additions have brought endless amounts of joy to my wife and me.

One thing my wife and I have learned thus far about parenting infant twins is that we are lucky if in a given day we can accomplish one non-care based chore or project. As a result, my time to fly, read about flying, blog or twitter has been drastically curtailed as of late. Though with each week that passes and as our parenting confidence and experience grows, I find myself realizing I am getting closer and closer to carving out enough time to get out to Palwaukee to go flying.

In the meantime I am enjoying merging my newest joys, Peter and Sarah, with my joy for aviation. I have recently become a big fan of Etsy, a site that connects sellers of custom crafts with buyers globally. I searched Etsy for "Airplane Products" and then filtered by products for "Airplane Products for Children" and have found tons of neat products for my kids and for gifts for friends of ours. Some of my favorite products thus far have been Airplane Onesie in Green - $12.99 (as seen on Sarah in the photo above - left), Personalized Airplane Onesie - $17.99 (as seen on Peter in the photo above - right) and M'liss Lil Airplanes Burpy - $4.95.

Speaking of aviation products and gifts for kids I have to say it is interesting to note that in three instances we have been blessed to be given gifts from friends or family where the gift for my son featured an airplane and for my daughter featured a flower or some other "more girly" design. I guess that is why sites like "Girls with wings" as a resource to let girls know they to can be pilots. Luckily Sarah has a father that will be sure to share aviation with her equally as I do with Peter.

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Congratulations to you and your wife! I hope they learn to sleep on the same schedule through the night soon!

Etsy rocks - my husband and I found an artist to create a custom engagement ring there.

Posted by: Wing and a Whim at July 23, 2010 3:41 AM | Reply

Too cute! Love those onesies! Now you just need to get them their very own 'Little Pilot Logbook' to start logging their flight time! Blue Skies, Asavri. Babynebula.com

Posted by: Asavri at March 23, 2011 3:26 PM | Reply

I agree. We received a "Little Pilot Logbook" for a shower gift before my daughter was born. We have really enjoyed filling it up with memories of all our flights with her. My husband and I are both pilots and we found a lack of resources out there for flying families, such as what type of child restraint or car seat is appropriate to use in a small plane when they are very young. We've just tried to figure out what's best for her as we go along.

Posted by: Erin at July 2, 2012 6:04 PM | Reply

Congrats on instilling the love of flying into your girls. We are a flying family, as well. My hubby is a CFI and a chief at a flight school. My son (5) loves to fly, and has nicknamed himself the "co-co-pilot" since I am the co-pilot.

You can find t-shirts for the whole family (Dad, Mom, and kids), including a "co-co-pilot" shirt for kids at teespring.com/bugeyeproductions-cocopilot.

Posted by: Sarah at June 12, 2014 1:47 PM | Reply

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