July 31, 2004

Aviation Daytrip - U.S. Air Force Museum

planeart_feature.jpgWith my checkride cancelled I found myself with an open day and I felt I should do something aviation related. So my wife and I decided to drive up to Dayton to visit the United States Air Force Museum. I had often heard that it is a great museum. I had no idea it was so big.

We arrived in Dayton about two and half hours before the museum was set to close and I thought that would be a sufficient amount of time. As we drove into the parking lot I realized I was wrong. The aerial photo of the musuem on thier website does not do it justice - it is huge.

The musuem had a neat feature display on military nose art. What is nose art you ask? Carmen C. Anderson explains on Bombergirl.com that "Man has a long history of war. A tradition that is associated with this is the warrior's desire to decorate their instruments of war. During the Twentieth Century this tradition continued primarily by decorating the vehicles of war � the airplane. Nose art is the genre of art used to decorate combat aircraft". Artwork fell into a few categories; pin-up girls, humor and warnings to the enemy. All in all, they were very interesting.

I knew the musuem would have a lot of the current aircraft but it was fun to see so many historic planes. It is amazing that in just over a 100 years of aviation the wide variety of aircraft desgins it is hard to believe some of these planes could even fly let alone be taken into combat.

The only downside of the museum is they keep it pretty dim in there, making it difficult to capture good photographs. I guess that is to help the gift store. I was on able to take a few photographs. Spending a day amongst all those planes just made me more excited for my check ride tomorrow.

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