May 1, 2004

An Interesting Segway

I visited Sporty's Pilot Shop this afternoon to see the new 2004 Cessna's that they were displaying today. But, as a bonus I had the opportunity to ride a Segway™ Human Transporter. Sporty's sells the Segway HT for around $4000.

I had seen Segways on TV but never in person. One of my favorite shows, Arrested Development a FOX sitcom, has a character GOB that frequently rides a Segway.

I felt pretty unsteady for a few seconds after stepping onto the Segway. But, within a minute I felt very comfortable on it. The Sporty's staff let me drive it up and down the tarmac a few times even once at full speed.

I have a feeling we will be seeing more and more of these on the roads in the coming years. Thanks Sporty's for the test drive!

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