November 13, 2004

An Amaize-ing View

cornmaze.jpgThe recent issue of AOPA Pilot magazine featured an article on corn mazes. AOPA Pilot wrote, "The folks on the ground may never see this art that seems to have been created just for pilots." I had visited a corn maze once in Wisconsin and had fun navigating my way through the design. I decided now I should try to view a maze from above.

I did a Google search and came across two websites that support corn mazes across the country: and The site has a great gallery of designs. The site had a variety of corn fields in Ohio including one about 20 miles north of my airport - The Incredible Maize of Warren County.

According to the Incredible Maize website, they closed for the season at the end of October. Although there was a chance the maze had been cut shortly after closing I was hoping it would still be intact. So my wife and I plotted the approximate location of the corn maze on my sectional chart and departed Blue Ash Airport. As we neared the area where we expected to find the maze we found a huge field that looked like it was recently harvested. I was worried we were to late and the maze had been cut. A minute later, however, we spotted the maze fully intact. This design was of the United States with the word "Democracy" cut below it. Inside the states were two faces of each of the 2004 Presidential Candidates - President George Bush and Senator John Kerry. I was amazed at the detail of the design. I am sure a ton of people found themselves lost within the maze this Fall.

I started to wonder how they cut these precise designs. I did another brief search and found a company called Precision Mazes that assists farm owners in cutting mazes. They use precision GPS to cut the maps.

Many corn mazes are open through the end of the month so pull up one of the websites listed above and chart your course so you to can view great artwork from above.

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wow!! amazing is right!

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