March 2008

March 30, 2008

Top Five Mistakes Pilots Make

ASF.jpgI am heading out to AOPA's Air Safety Foundation meeting tomorrow night at the Crown Plaza Chicago O'Hare. This seminar is the "Top 5 Mistakes Pilots Make". This seminar takes aim at the five most common pilot mistakes.

It is well known that 75% of all accidents are a result of pilot error and of the many errors pilot make, five stand out as frequent mistakes.

I look forward to learning more about these common pilot mistakes and learning how to avoid them.

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Preparing for A Biennial Flight Review

I had my first back to back weekends of flying after completing a flight yesterday. I am working with a CFI to prepare for a Biennial Flight Review either next weekend or the weekend after that. I wanted to take two flights to prepare for the review. In the first flight last week we worked on landings and crosswind landings.

On Saturday, I was blessed with a beautiful day to fly. The goal of the flight was to work on maneuvers we did not practice on the first flight last week. Those maneuvers included power-on and -off stalls, 45 degree turns, and emergency procedures. I performed all the maneuvers well except the 45 degree turns to the left which were a little sloppy but improved the more of them I performed. Both emergency landing maneuvers went well with my CFI and I both being confident I could have safely landed on some poor farmer's field had it been necessary.

Either next weekend or the weekend after that I will go in for the BFR which will consist of at least one hour of ground verbal review followed by at least an hour of flight review in which I need to perform all maneuvers to test standards. I last successfully performed a BFR in September of 2006. I am looking forward to getting this one behind me.

March 16, 2008

Aviation Meetup Group Fly-In

chicagoflight.jpgToday was one of those rare days in which I was able to devote an entire day to aviation. I took a brief break for Breakfast after my morning flight. Then I met John of at the Old T Hangers at Palwaukee where he keeps his 1967 Mooney M20F.

We departed Palwaukee and headed east for a flight down the Chicago Lakeshore en-route to Lansing on the South side of Chicago. We had a beautiful view of the city of Chicago on our way down and on the way back. We were heading to Lansing for the March meeting of the Chicago Aviation Meetup Group. We had a smooth flight to Lansing that only took about 25 minutes due to a nice tailwind.

We met four other aviation enthusiasts at Shannon's Landing, the on airport restaurant where we enjoyed a bite to eat and sharing some aviation stories. After lunch we met Luke from Sun Aero who talked to the group about the helicopter operations and training they offer at Lansing. I learned there are hobbies more expensive then flying, flying helicopters that is. It was cool checking out the inside of some of the smaller helicopters that although small did feel less cramped the then the Cessna 152 I trained in.

After an enjoyable time learning about Helicopters we jumped back in the Mooney and flew back up the lakeshore to Palwaukee. The return flight took a little longer as we were flying in the wind but the Mooney still made great time and appears to be a great trip plane.

Check out some photos from the event below.

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One Hundred Hours of Flying

Normally, I am not an early riser or at least not a fan of rising early. Though, this morning it was easier because I knew I had a day of aviation in front of me. I got up and quickly checked the weather and verified that it looked like the weather would cooperate with the flights I had scheduled for the day.

I started off the day flying out of Chicago Executive Airport in one of my flight clubs Cessna 172SP. Forest a CFI, joined me for the flight as I need to rebuild currency with Windy City Flyers. We flew north to Waukegan Airport where I worked on landings. I conducted six landings there and one go-around which the tower requested when they spotted a coyote on the runway. That was the first time I had ever performed a go-around for that reason.

Total flight time for the morning flight was 1.7 hours which pushed me over the 100 hours of flight time mark. It was great to be back in the plane and I am looking forward to flying more regularly this Spring. I made sure of that by scheduling my next flight in about two weeks.

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