November 2007

November 30, 2007

Roger Wilco Wear Line of Aviation T-Shirts Launched

rogerwilcowear_launch.jpgAs frequent readers of this site know, I have been mostly disappointed by the lack of quality aviation apparel available through catalogs, websites or at airshows. I decided to do something about it and create a line of t-shirts inspired by aviation.

Roger Wilco Wear was developed with the pilot in mind; our line of t-shirts utilize elements familiar to pilots. After spending hours looking at sectionals I realized that images from the sectional chart would make for great t-shirts and many of our offerings feature those images.

The site currently features airport specific t-shirt designs including Door County Cherrlyand Airport, Lunken Field Airport, New Garden Airport, Palwaukee Municipal Airport, Van Nuys Airport. Each week we release a new airport specific shirt as our Aviation T-Shirt of the Week. Let me know if there is a shirt you would like to see featured.

Additionally, we offer several customizable t-shirts. We have a General Aviation Pilot t-shirt that can be customized to include your home airport three letter identifier. Additionally, we offer custom t-shirts that let you commemorate where you flew your first solo or learned to fly.

One last note, our t-shirts are being sold through They will handle fulfillment of your order and unfortunately, I will not know specifically who has bought a t-shirt. So please drop me a line if you buy one!

Visit the store today at

November 1, 2007

Win a Free Hat from a Cool Aviation Art & Furniture Design Company

moto_art_desk.jpgAs a pilot and aviation enthusiasts I love pretty much all things plane related. A few years ago Discovery Channel had a show called Wing Nuts that followed two artists who founded a company called MotoArt. MotoArt builds and sells furniture made out of used airplane parts. Their work surely makes any aviation buff salivate. Sadly, because these are functional pieces of art and not just plain old furniture they cost a little more than I currently want to spend on a desk. But, I keep their site bookmarked for the day when I am ready for a slick airplane wing desk.

MotoArt is not the only group that fuses art, furniture and aviation heritage together. I came across InterFlightStudio recently, they create not only aviation furniture but contemporary art and design as well.

moto_art_hat.jpgI went the cheap wrote a few weeks ago and instead of ordering a desk from IFS or MotoArt I simply bought a few MotoArt t-shirts and a hat. My order was slightly delayed as they had run out of hats. Though they made up for it by sending me an extra hat with my order - thanks MotoArt! So, that means one of my readers lucks out. Leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail via the contact form between now and November 15th and you will be entered to win the extra MotoArt Baseball Cap.

Good Luck!

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