December 2005

December 7, 2005

MyFlightBlog's Learn to Fly Lens on

Squidoo.jpgA few months ago I was invited to be create a "lens" for a private beta for a new website - What's a lens you ask?

According to the Squidoo website a lens is "one person's (lensmaster's) view on a topic he cares about. More specifically, a lens is a single web page filled with information and links that point to other web pages, to continually updated RSS feeds, or to relevant advertising. It's a place to start, not finish." I created a lens about learning to fly to share my knowledge of the steps it takes to earn a license and the ways to enjoy a private pilot's license. Check out my Squidoo Learn to Fly Lens and if you like it add it to your favorite lenses.

Squidoo was built to be an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to build lenses on topics they are passionate about. These lenses help people find a unique, human perspective on things that interest them. Squidoo was started by the Original Squid, Seth Godin.

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December 2, 2005

All I want for Christmas is a Javelin MK-10

javelin_mk10_200.jpgIn a recent post I wrote about paper airplanes and now I am doing a complete 180° change from the simplest and cheapest of flying machines to what might be the most advanced and one of the most expensive general aviation aircraft Javelin MK-10. The Javelin is a two seat multi-jet engine powered general aviation aircraft built by the Aviation Technical Group that can get your cruising at .90 mach. According to their website the driving concept being the Javelin MK-10 is "to combine state-of-the-art glass instrumentation, safety features, and wide-fan sweep technology jet engines into a two-place executive jet. With its high speed, maneuverability, and unprecedented performance, coupled with the economy, reliability, and comfort of a light business jet, the Javelin has no equal in general aviation.

The Javelin successfully completed its maiden flight in October. After the flight George Bye, Chairman of ATG, commented �The Javelin prototype�s first flight marks the beginning of more expansive airborne tests. We will now begin the process of correlating the Javelin prototype�s performance against predicted engineering values. We look forward to future flights that are as successful as today�s as we present the market with a truly remarkable aircraft.�

This plane has performance characteristics similar to some military aircraft. It even comes with military style ejection seats. In addition to the general aviation aircraft ATG is developing a Javelin MK-20 model that could be used as a military trainer.

Looking at the list of technical features below you will see why the estimated cost of this airplane is approximately $2.795 million, which knocks it out of my price range, for now. But you have to dream, right?

Technical features for the Javelin MK-10

javelin_mk10_200_3.jpgEngines: Two � 1,700 pound thrust, turbo-fan Williams International FJ33-4A-17M
Seating capacity: Two, tandem
Max gross weight: 6,200 pounds
Wing span: 23.25 feet
Length: 36 feet
Height: 10.5 feet
Wing area: 120 square feet
Take-off ground roll (std day, SL, 6,200 lb): 1,800 feet
Balanced field (std day, SL, 6,200 lb): 3,000 feet
Max rate of climb: 10,000 ft/min
Time to climb to 41,000 ft (ISA, std day, 6,200 lb): 13 min.
Cruise speed (ISA, std day, 5,500 lb, 35,000 ft): 0.90 Mach, 525 KTAS, 600 mph
Stall speed in landing configuration (6,080 lb.): 110 KCAS
Approach speed: 132 knots (at max gross weight)
Approach speed: 114 knots (at landing weight)
javelin_mk10_200_4.jpgLanding distance (std day, SL, 6,080 lb, full flaps)
      Ground Roll: 2,200 feet
      Over 50 ft: 5,000 feet
Landing Distance (std day, SL, 4,575 lb, full flaps)
      Ground Roll: 1,800 feet
      Over 50 ft: 4,200 feet
IFR Range (M 0.80): 1,200 nm
Endurance: 3.5 hours
Fuel capacity: 280 gallons
Fuel Consumption at mid-cruise weight
      Economy cruise (0.80 Mach at 45,000 ft): 75 gal/hr
      High-speed cruise (0.90 Mach at 35,000 ft) 109 gal/hr
Certified ceiling:
45,000 feet
Cargo/Baggage: up to 200 lb.
Price 2005: $2.795 million (will be indexed, taxes not included)

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