April 2004

April 30, 2004

Go, No Go?

Today I decided to make the decision whether to start flight training or not. I think I knew that the answer would be to go for it but having been raised a Boy Scout I know the importance of being prepared. So I went through my pre-flight training checklist: Do I have the time, the dedication, finances, support, a good school, and an instructor I think I will like?

Today, I answered all the questions in my head. I went through the go, no go systems check. I must admit it was not nearly as dramatic as those done by Gene Kranz of NASA preparing for the Apollo missions. For the most part I think I am ready.

So, I called up Queen City Flight Training and talked to the Flight Instructor I met on Thursday evening and signed up for my first two lessons. My first lesson will be two hours on Sunday afternoon. I will follow it up with a night lesson Wednesday night.

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April 29, 2004

And then there were two schools...

...but the two included a school I originally had scratched from my list. Over the past two days I have visited: Blue Ash Aviation, Franklin Aviation, Cincinnati Flight Training and Queen City Flight Training.

I visited Blue Ash Aviation and enjoyed my visit and really liked the instructor. The school is located at Blue Ash Airport an uncontrolled airport. I think that is my only real concern with Blue Ash Aviation is missing out on the controlled atmosphere each time out.

Today, I visited Franklin Aviation, a Part 141 flight school. I was not impressed with their staff. Although their equipment is top of the line that comes at a steep price. I was equally unimpressed with Cincinnati Flight Training who came in cheapest of the four.

I was pleasantly surprised with Queen City Flight Training. Their website did not impress me but I am not hoping to learn HTML so I got past that. The three staff members I met were all very nice. The flight instructor I met with offered to take me up in one of their Cessna 152's for an introductory flight. The flight was great and I felt comfortable with the instructor. Flying out of an airport in controlled airspace and with a busy schedule of business travel did not seem to slow down the lesson.

So, I think in the coming days I will need to make the tough decision between Queen City Flight Training and Blue Ash Aviation.

Check back soon...

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In Search of the Best Pilot Message Board

I spent time last night searching the Internet for the best message boards or forums for Pilot interaction. I found there were a ton of forums and message boards but most were deserted like those on iPilot.com & Flying Magazine.

I think the message board on StudentPilot.com appears to be the most active and informative message board out there.

Let me know if you know of other great resources for student pilots.

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April 28, 2004

Choosing a Flight School

I figure one of my first tasks now that I have decided I want to earn my private pilot's license is picking a flight school. This is a harder decision than I thought it might be. It is kind of like buying a car since it is an expensive decision and a long term one.

I found a couple of resources helpful in researching how to make this decision. The first was How to Choose the Right Flight School by StudentPilot.com. I also found this article from the Americn School of Aviation helpful.

Based on these articles I have narrowed my search down to two schools:
Blue Ash Aviation - at an uncontrolled airport
Franklin Aviation - at a busy controlled airport

In the coming days I plan on visiting both facilities and determing which is a better fit. I will keep you posted.

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April 27, 2004

MyFlightBlog.com - Website goes live!

After a couple long nights of website design and development MyFlightBlog.com is ready for the public. I have created this website to share my experiences of learning to fly.

I hope that by sharing my experiences of learning to fly I can motivate others to make their dreams a reality too.

A special thanks to Aaron of www.twocentsworth.com for his assistance in getting the MovableType Engine loaded on MyFlightBlog.com.

If you are interested in creating your own blog I suggest you check out Moveable Type. Moveable Type has been easy to use and learn.

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