February 3, 2008

The Best of Aviation Blogs

blogged.jpgI have enjoyed reading about aviation blogs in traditional print media as of late. In mid-December MyFlightBlog along with three other aviation blogs( PlasticPilot, Sulako's Blog and Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo.) were featured in the Wall Street Journal's Blog Watch Column. Additionally, the February issue of AOPA Flight Training Magazine includes an article dedicated to Aviation Blogs. The article in Flight Training made mention of several blogs that I read on a regular basis including: JetWhine, Flying in Shawnee and Student Pilot Blog.

Those two articles showcased just a handful of the great blogs dedicated to aviation. Where can you find more aviation blogs? Sure you can troll through the blogroll lists on your favorite aviation blogs like I do on a regular basis. But, now there is another great resource for you to find the best of aviation blogs. Check out Blogged, a site dedicated to helping users find better blogs. To their credit they have very focused categories and instead of tossing aviation blogs in a broad category like transportation or hobbies they have an Aviation category. It currently lists over 60 aviation blogs that have been critiqued by the Blogged staff and each is ranked on a 10 point scale.

MyFlightBlog is proud to be in the top five, currently ranked number 3 with a "Great" rating of 8.6. Also high on the list are several blogs written by pilots I keep in touch with regularly and that I recommend: JetWhine (#2 with a 8.7 score), Av8rdan's World of Flying (#4 with an 8.6 score) and CAPBlog (#16 with a 8.2 score). If you enjoy MyFlightBlog please visit Blogged and give us a review. While you are there check out all the other great aviation blogs.

Posted by tmacrock at February 3, 2008 11:22 AM

Thank you for mentioning my blog and for the tip on blogged. I did not knew about this service before...

I saw in your flying tracker that you're close to the 100 hours limits, congrats on that !

Posted by: PlasticPilot at February 10, 2008 7:49 AM

Hey there! Wonderful blog you have man. I did a Google search for Aviation Blogs because I am trying to find more to associate with and yours came up. Awesome blog and excellent post. I have added your blog into my blogroll and have subscribed to your RSS feed.

I have to agree too, JetWhine is an awesome blog. Robert is a great guy and very skilled blogger/writer.

Best Regards,
Garry Conn
The Airplane Blog

Posted by: Garry Conn at February 19, 2008 1:14 PM

Indeed... thanks for the list. It seems like there are quite a number of aviation bloggers, but relatively few places that aggregate them all effectively.

Posted by: Jess Sightler at February 19, 2008 9:21 PM

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