June 25, 2004

Seeing America from the Cockpit of a Small Plane

www.AirportMainStreet.comOne of the things I have enjoyed most about my flying experiences to date has been seeing new places. I love looking at a view from above after being constrained to the view from the ground previously. It's like going from the one dimensional Atari games to the multi-dimensional vidoe games available today. I also enjoy visiting airports that I have never been to before.

When I complete might flight training I look forward to the freedom of being able to fly to new places to enjoy new experiences. One resource I have found that appears to be great for planning a weekend getaway by air is Pilot Getaways Magazine.

There are also two sites I have stumbled upon recently that I wanted to share. The first site is AirportMainStreet.com. This site contains the log of a Mooney pilot that is flying around the country visiting America's small airports. I enjoyed the posts and the photos on this site.

The other site is Coast to Coast a log of a Cessna 172 flight across the United States from California to Florida and back with a lot of interesting stops along the way. The site includes flight planning details, photos, and movies.

Posted by tmacrock at June 25, 2004 3:20 PM