About MyFlightBlog.com

myicon.jpgThanks for visiting MyFlightBlog.com. Since I can remember, I have had an interest in flying. I took my first aviation-related class almost 14 years ago. Then for almost 16 years I toyed with the idea of earning my private pilot's license but never actually took the necessary steps to achieve this dream.

I the spring of 2004 I decided to act on my dream of becoming a private pilot. I had decided since flying was a life-long interest of mine I should no longer wait to make this dream a reality. I learned that the process of earning a private pilot's license was not nearly as difficult, time consuming or costly as I had thought. I am so glad I finally made this dream a priority in my life.

In the late summer of 2004 I earned my private pilot license. Since then I have continued to refine my flying skills while having some fun along the way. I enjoy the priveleges of being a private pilot and am working to make myself a safer pilot every time I fly.

MyFlightBlog.com was created to share my passion for aviation and to hopefully inspire others to go from sitting on the sidelines to getting in a plane and learning to fly.

I hope by reading this website and seeing what steps need to be taken to earn a private pilot's license I can motivate others to make their dreams a reality too.

                                                                                    Private Pilot