Chuck Aaron and the Red Bull Helicopter

chuckaaron.jpgHelicopters have traditionally played minor roles in airshows unable to perform the awe-inspiring acrobatics feats that their fixed wing counterparts can. That changed a few years ago when aviation enthusiast and Red Bull founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, convinced Chuck Aaron to find a way to perform aerobatics in a helicopter.

Aaron now pilots the "Bull Cow" Bo-105 in a way most airshow attendees have never seen. In fact according to his website he is "the first and only civilian pilot to be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to perform aerobatics in a helicopter."

Last year Chuck Aaron did not perform in the Chicago Air & Water Show and I am looking forward to his return of this popular act in 2013.

Check out this video I shot flying with him in advance for the 2011 Chicago Air & Water Show to see what his view is like.


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