July 15, 2004

Wind Gusts Call Off Cross Country

windsock.jpgLast weekend I canceled my first attempt at my long cross country flight. My flight to three airports and over a distance of 150 nautical miles could not be made due to thunderstorms throughout my flight path. So I decided I would plan on a second attempt at this flight for this upcoming weekend. Sadly all week the forecast for the weekend had been deteriorating while the skies were clear all day yesterday and today. So I decided I might try to sneak it in this evening.

I quickly recalculated my navigation log numbers based on today's condition. The log helps in the navigation of the multi-destination flight and includes my checkpoints and my and ground speed corrected for winds. The winds aloft were high at 16-20 knots but the winds along the surface were not too bad. The flight plan was looking good.

Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the airport the winds had begun to pick up and to my dismay they were at almost completely perpendicular to the runway. I have become much more comfortable with my crosswind landings recently so that did not concern me so much. When I learned that my home base airport and one of my destination airports were experiencing periodic gusts up to 25 knots, however, I knew I had been stopped again by the weather. I called flight service and they confirmed these conditions would remain for a few more hours. I decided to abort the trip.

Now I will have to hope for an opening of nice weather sometime this weekend as I am anxious to get this long cross-country flight completed.

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