May 2, 2004

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Lucky for me we came down safely each time we went up. Today, I completed my first full flight lesson, logging 1.1 hours of flight time. My instructor and I spent about 30 minutes taking our time going through the steps of pre-flighting the aircraft and ensuring it was air worthy.

After that we loaded up and departed Lunken airport (view an aerial photo provided by I handled the taxiing, the takeoff and the climb to about 2,500 feet. At which point my instructor reviewed some basic flight manuevers: straight & level flight, climbs, descents, level turns and climbing and descending turns. After a brief review she handed off the controls to me to practice. I felt really comfortable controlling the aircraft. My instructor was pleased with my performance.

Next we returned to Lunken for some pattern work. We practiced entering the traffic pattern and doing touch and gos. A touch and go is literally what it sounds like. We make our approach, touch down on the runway, then throttle up and take back off and go around and repeat. We ended up doing three passes. Each time I would handle the approach, then hand off controls to my instructor to land, then I would handle the return to flight and circling around for the next pass. On the final one I handled the approach all the way down to a few hundred feet and then let the instructor handle the landing.

I think it will be a few more lessons before I feel comfortable enough to make the actual landing but I cannot wait.

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