August 26, 2004

Waiting for My Airman Certificate

license.jpgI am about a week from being completing my first month of being a Private Pilot. I did not expect to be concerned with how long it has been since I earned my license. Today, I came across an article on that made me think about it: FAA experiences delay in issuing airman certificates.

I earned my license on August 1, 2004. I was then handed my Temporary Airman Certificate which is valid through September 30, 2004. According the article, "The FAA is experiencing a delay in issuing airman certificates, and in some cases, it is taking the full 120 days for pilots to receive their permanent certificate." It explains that you can contact the FAA Airman Certification Branch at 866-878-2498 in order to check on the status of a license. If it is, in fact, late in being processed, new pilots can file for an extension through the local flight standards district office (FSDO) at no extra charge.

I will let you know when my license arrives.

Posted by at August 26, 2004 7:45 PM