November 1, 2005

Voice Your Opinion on the Washington D.C. ADIZ

adiz.jpgThere is only one day left to voice your opinions on the The FAA's proposal to make the "temporary" flight restriction over the Washington D.C. area permanent. The current Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) was implemented in February 2003 in response to heightened terrorist threat levels.

There are 19 public-use airports used by more than 10,000 pilots that are effected by the ADIZ restrictions. The ADIZ area covers a 40 mile area from ground level to 18,000 feet. The restrictions of the ADIZ have put unnecessary burdens on general aviation pilots. Many pilots have reported frequently having to hold as much as 45 minutes on the ground or in the air to receive the needed transponder code to fly into the ADIZ. It is unfair that the general aviation aircraft that pose the smallest aviation threat must suffer from the restrictions.

Living in Chicago with a mayor who has proven to be an enemy to general aviation, I am concerned about the precedent that would be set by allowing a permanent ADIZ over the Washington D.C. area. AOPA President, Phil Boyer, said "If the FAA makes the Washington, D.C., ADIZ permanent, it will set a dangerous precedent, creating the possibility of IFR-like flight restrictions within the footprint of every Class B airspace."

AOPA has asked its members to contact the FAA and their representatives before November 2nd to make the voices of General Aviation pilots and enthusiasts heard. So far 16,565 have submitted comments. I submitted comments to the FAA, my two senators and my congressman. If you have not submitted comments visit the AOPA website tonight to find out how you can.

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