July 5, 2004

Turning Another Page in the Logbook

With my solo flight tonight I added my 26th logbook entry, completing the second page of the book. All in all, I have now flown 32.7 hours including 115 takeoffs and landings at 11 different airports. Of those hours, 6.1 have been on cross-country flights, 3.9 earned at night and 2.8 of the hours were flown while wearing the simulated instrument condition hood. I am 7.3 hours shy of the minimum hours required before one can attempt to earn their license. I expect to knock out about five more hours this week. I need to start thinking about taking that written exam in the next week or so.

Today's flight helped increase my solo hours to 4.3 out of the 10 solo hours required by the FAA. I would say the hour of solo flight today was my best yet. I felt very comfortable flying the plane alone today. So much so that I had no qualms about pulling out the power and simulating emergency landing maneuvers over a farm northeast of Cincinnati. I also worked on my low-level maneuvers, including turns around a point and S-Turns. On my way home I flew over one of my good friends' house which was fun to see from the sky.

When I returned to Blue Ash I completed two nice landings then decided to challenge myself a little further and pulled the power off on the downwind leg, simulating an engine failure while in the pattern. I successfully brought the plane around and landed without the use of the engine. After the flight although I was on the ground I was flying high with confidence.

Tomorrow I will be flying again with my instructor. I will be getting her assistance with flying to towered fields. I want to review that prior to flying my long cross-country flight this weekend that will include a landing at a towered field near Columbus.

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