February 20, 2005

Tsunami Relief Efforts - Follow-Up

Earlier this year I posted about AOPA sponsored Tsunami relief efforts. In a recent AOPA ePilot Newsletter they announced that member have donated more than $115,000 to Air Serv International. Air Serv is a non-governmental humanitarian organization that used GA Aircraft to provide logistical support to other non-governmental humanitarian organizations.

According to the AOPA Newsletter "Air Serv's C-208B Grand Caravan is being used to transport humanitarian staff, emergency medical supplies, and rabies and tetanus vaccines to Banda Aceh, one of the hardest hit towns in Sumatra. The material is then transferred to helicopters for transport to displaced person clinics along the west coast of Sumatra."

Stu Willcuts of Air Serv said "All of us express our deep appreciation to our AOPA partners for this significant response."

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