October 19, 2004

Tight Spaces - Landing a 747 on a Narrow Runway

tightlanding.gifWhat was I thinking about in my post yesterday "Bumpy Cross Country" when I complained about the difficulty of landing a Cessna 152 on a 40 foot wide runway? After all, the Cessna wheel base is probably between 5 - 7 feet wide. That gives plenty of room on either side to land on a 40-foot wide runway even under windy conditions.

The photos to the right are of a South African Airways 747 being flown for a single landing at the Rand Airport in South Africa. It was being flown there to become a permanent exhibit for the SAA Museum air museum. The runway dimensions are 4898 long x 50 feet wide which is amazing considering the 747 outer-to-outer main gear width is 41.33 feet. Nice landing!

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It remindes me of when a 737 landed and took off from Hanford's (HJO) new runway: 5175 x 75 ft.

I wish I could have seen it!

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