October 9, 2004

The Use of Cellular Devices is Permitted...

01231.jpgGuy Kewney of eWeek.com wrote an interesting article about new technology by Airbus that will allow the use of cellular devices phones while airborne in Airbus commercial airliners. In his article, "Airbus' Magic In-flight Cell Phone Technology May Be Make-Believe", Guy explains the concerns of cell phone usage on planes causing accidents are likely bunk. No one has been able to definitively prove that cell phone usage is dangerous. He pokes fun at the situation saying that if it was truly a danger travelers might board planes then say, "Fly this plane to Cuba or I switch on this cell phone!" Airbus has developed a "technology" that minimizes signals and by doing so gives engineers a way to sign off on the usage of cellular phones as being safe.

In 2001 a Wired Magazine article mentioned that "pilots have blamed portable voice recorders, heart pacemakers, electric shavers and hearing aids for interfering with their cockpit controls, yet there are no restrictions on their use during flights." It went on to mention they could never recreate such interferences of the devices above or cell phones in causing any cockpit troubles. The article also states, "Airlines don't permit the use of most wireless devices during flight because of concerns over interference with airplane controls from PEDs -- even though the airline industry has only come up with anecdotal evidence to support their fears."

As a private pilot I have heard of many pilots using their phones in the cockpit without any concerns. About time the rest of the cattle can join in.

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