June 10, 2004

Reviewing Manuevers

The weather in the area surrounding Blue Ash Airport (KISZ) was not good this evening. There were a bunch of storms north and to the west. I called 1-800-WX-BRIEF and talked about the forecast with the weather briefer. It looked like the storms would hold off for about an hour or two.

We decided to fly out to the practice area and work on steep turns and slow flight. I was able to perform both to within the private pilot testing requirements which was a good feeling. As we completed the maneuvers, the weather started to look like it might deteriorate quickly so we returned to the traffic pattern.

On the way back, my instructor asked me to put the Instrument Flight Training Hood on to practice flying in Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions. This was the second time we had practiced with "The Hood" and I felt much more comfortable this time maintaining my course and altitude. Just when I thought I was feeling comfortable my instructor asked to take the controls and asked that I close my eyes. I guess it was not good enough that the hood prevented me from seeing out of the plane now I could not see in the plane. I felt her moving the plane around but sure enough I had troubles telling if we were climbing or descending or turning left or right. She then gave me back control of the plane asked me to open my eyes but keep the hood on. I noticed the climb indicator showed we were descending quickly even though I did not feel it and we were also turning. I pulled up and leveled the wings and brought the plane back into steady flight. It was a great lesson in learning to trust the instruments.

After this we performed five landings. The first was a regular one then we did a simulated soft-field landing, two simulated short-field landings and one emergency landing then called it a day.

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