October 9, 2004

Rained Out

I had a Cessna 152 reserved for this afternoon for a cross-country flight. The plan was to fly northwest from Cincinnati to Oxford, Ohio and to overfly the Miami University versus Kent State football game taking place at Yager Stadium. I was then going to fly west from there to Greensburg-Decatur County Airport in Indiana. I was looking forward to the cross-country time but also landing at Greensburg, which has a runway that is only 40 feet wide. It would have been the narrowest runway I have ever landed on.

Unfortunately, this morning the skies became overcast and about a half hour before my flight the heavy rain started. The outlook wasn't good for the next few hours so I canceled the flight.

I am going to keep my flight plan close at hand so I can hopefully make the flight later in the week.

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Too bad you didn't get started with all this a a couple years ago--you could've made a trip to Brookside Airport, on Indianapolis' north-east side. The runway there was like landing in someone's driveway!

When you finally do get to go to Greensburg, take a turn around the center of town--look closely at the courthouse tower, and you'll notice a tree growing out of the roof.

It's the tiny town's one claim to fame, and they've let the tree have its way for years now.

Once you've landed, you'll find a little hamburger stand right next to the ramp. If it's still there--it's been a few years since I've landed there.

There's also a bowling alley right there by the ramp, and a county 4-H fairgrounds right across the road. One time, my daughter and I flew down there, found a 4-H fair going on, looked at the little animals, bowled a game, ate a burger, and flew home. Strangely, or not so strangely depending on your point of view, that's a flight that we both still look back on with great fondness--one of our favorites.

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