August 16, 2004

Prison In the Skies - Delta 757 Seat 22B

seatguru.jpgI have done a lot of commercial flying in the past couple of days but on all the flights but the one this evening I have sat in a window seat. Tonight I felt like a prisoner in the skies when due to an overbooked flight I had to take a middle seat. Making it even worse was that the row I was sitting in did not have even have a window at all. So I could not even sneak a peak over the shoulder of the sleeping passenger next to me.

I have always loved looking out the window of a plane. But, since I started training for my license I have found I am even more addicted to monitoring our flight from my window seat.

Often when I pick seats for personal travel I choose my seats based on recommendations from Had I checked the Delta 757 on it would have told me to be aware "Seat 22A is missing a window. If you like the view, choose another seat."

Make sure to check out before you book your next flight.

Posted by at August 16, 2004 11:21 PM