July 17, 2004

Practice, Practice, Practice

The weather prevented me from flying my cross-country flight once again. The weather was not too bad locally but the forecast for the Columbus and Dayton areas was not promising with high probability of thunderstorms and low level cloud cover.

So my instructor and I agreed I should continue practicing my maneuvers in preparation for the flight exam. I flew out to the practice area and worked on slow flight, stalls and emergency procedures. I think the area I need the most improvement on is my slow flight maneuvers. Keeping my altitude and speed consistent while in slow flight is my biggest challenge. So, I will continue to work on that.

When I returned I scheduled the plane for Tuesday in hopes of being able to complete my long cross-country then. I also spoke to my instructor and we scheduled a few lessons in which she will simulate the role of an FAA examiner and help me get comfortable with test environment and conditions. Then we scheduled my FAA checkride for Saturday, July 31 - two weeks from today!

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