July 8, 2004

Mastering Flight Operations at a Towered Field

My goal for today's flight was to get to the point where I feel as comfortable flying to and around a towered field as I currently do at an uncontrolled tower. When I first started flying I was flying from Lunken, an airport with a control tower and felt comfortable in that environment. But when I had to move my training to the Blue Ash airport, a smaller uncontrolled field, I fell out of practice for communicating with a tower instead of directly to the traffic around the airport on a common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF).

I listened to the Automatic Terminal Traffic Information Service (ATIS) to get the current conditions at the airport and then contacted the tower to advise them of my intent to do stop and go landings. The tower asked me to contact them on a 2-mile final for runway 21R. As I passed the three mile mark I contacted them to notify them of my position. At which point I was cleared for the stop and go. I made a nice touchdown in crosswind conditions and came to a complete stop before I was a third of the way down the runway. I then powered up and departed using the next third of the runway.

I stayed in the pattern and would communicate with the tower just prior to my base leg to get the appropriate clearances. After four landings I requested to depart to the north which the tower approved.

On the way back to Blue Ash I put on the instrument training hood. My .4 hours of simulated instrument training brought me to a total 3.2 hours, completing that requirement for earning a private pilots license.

My next flight will be on Saturday when I fly my long solo cross country where I will fly over 150nm, planning to land at four airports. I am off to plan that trip.

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