January 5, 2006

Google Maps and Flight Tracking by fboweb.com

fboweb_googleearth.jpgAs I have written here on many occassions I have many passions; two of which are aviation and the Internet. I love when I find ways to mix the two interests. Today I came accross a new tool offered by fboweb.com. The site's charter is to simplify and streamline the processes involved in all aspects of aviation. In doing that they have created a suite of flight tracking software that makes them the Internet's most popular web-based flight tracking service.

In the past I have used their site to track status of a a commercial flight that a friend or family member might be travelling on. The traditional display was a basic map displayed in the browser. fboweb.com recently began integrating Google Earth into its service offerings, allowing users to track flights in 3D.

If you search for a flight you will be see an icon to map the flight on Google Earth and to see a 3D rendering of the flight plan with relevant information such as flight number, altitude and air speed. Even more fun is that they offer Google Earth add-ons that show traffic going to some of the country's most popular airports including: Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago's O'Hare, Atlanta and New York's John F. Kennedy. Download the files for these airports for use in Google Maps.

Once you load the map, be sure to zoom in towards each airport and tilt the camera up from the runways to watch them land! The picture to the right is showing the flights coming in over Lake Michigan landing on 27L and 27R.

If you are an aviation buff download Google Earth and head over to fboweb.com today.

Posted by at January 5, 2006 6:36 PM

I tried out the fboweb stuff today. The flight tracker seems to have a big in that it won't always activate the .aspx files that are downloaded. But I found a tip about saving the file as a .kml file and then running it, and that works. Very cool!

Even cooler for me is the sectional overlays onto the Google Earth terrain. With variable transparency! I used it to visualize a cross-country flight I'm thinking about. This will be VERY helpful.

Thanks for posing a link to my blog on your site!

Posted by: Roger at January 22, 2006 5:42 PM