February 28, 2005

GlobalFlyer Ready to Circumnavigate the Globe

globalflyer2.jpgThe Virgin GlobalFlyer is preparing to circumnavigate the globe without stopping. It would be the first jet to fly non-stop around the globe without in air refueling. The flight which has been delayed several times is set to take off this afternoon from Salina, Kansas. The plane will be piloted by Millionaire and adventurer Steve Fossett.

In order to make this flight without a fuel stop the plane needs to carry four times its weight in fuel. The plane has never flown at its full fuel capacity like it is expected to today. The takeoff and initial climb will be the most dangerous due to the overloading of fuel. Mr. Fossett told the BBC "Turbulence is worse at the lower altitudes, so I've got to make my climb to the cruising altitude without encountering any significant turbulence.". The aircraft will cruise around the globe at 49,000 feet.

The GlobalFlyer was built by Scaled Composites the same company that built the first private space craft - SpaceShipOne.

You can learn more about the GlobalFlyer and track progress on the GlobalFlyer website.

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