May 12, 2004

Forest Fighting is About to Get a Lift

Forest fighters are about to get additional air support. Evergreen International Aviation is retrofitting 747s to carry up to 24,000 gallons of fire retardant. Spokesman Richare Marchand said "I like the analogy 'why send in a single soldier when you can send in the army".

Not only will the 747 be able to get to the forest fires more quickly than the typical forest fighting aircraft, it will carry seven times the load. Evergreen International hopes to have FAA certification for the retrofit aircraft by July 4th, in time for the heat of the summer and the wildfire season.

Evergreen's website has many great photographs in their gallery, such as the one displayed here, of the 747 forest fighting plane. To learn more about how the 747 will be used to fight forest fires, check out Evergreen's great FAQ.

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