July 17, 2004

Flying the Friendly Skies - Soldiers Ride First Class

soldiers.jpgThere are days when I wonder if our society is spinning out of control. Last night was one of those nights. My wife and I went to see Spider Man 2 at our local theater. I used to enjoy going to see the movies but as of late my ability to enjoy the experience has been diminished by fellow movie patrons that forget they are not watching the film from their private screening room at home. The people a row behind me talked through much of the film while down the aisle there were the now so common pair of bare feet resting on the chair in the row infront of us - this especially grosses me out. Of course there was also the kids sitting in the handicap seats in the theater which is just one more example of poor movie theater etiquette. Speaking of movie theater etiquette here are two good articles on the subject, one from epinions.com and one from IntoLiquidSky.net though both need to add a note to keep feet in their shoes and on the floor.

Just when I start to feel down about the direction our society is going I hear a great story of unselfish acts like the one reported on CNN this month. Earlier this month, passengers on a flight from Atlanta to Chicago gave up their first class seats so that eight United States Soldiers who were on their long journey home from Iraq for a two week break, could fly in comfort. Stories like this help to restore my faith in our society.

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