June 10, 2005

Flying in the Comfort Zone

Over the past few months as I prepared for the move to Chicago and during the move I had to cut back my flight time. As a result when I would get out once every month and it would take me a while to feel perfectly comfortable in the plane again. It is not to say I ever felt unsafe because that is not the case but instead I felt like I needed to concentrate twice as hard and rely on checklists much more that when I was flying more regularly.

Today I had my first flight where I felt as comfortable again as I did when I was in the height of my training. It was one of those days where I really felt at one with the plane. I flew northwest to Lake in the Hills Airport. This is a nice little uncontrolled airport. I wonder if it was flying in an uncontrolled environment like I did for so much of my training that helped me feel so at home today. Lake in the Hills is a typical small field with a 50 foot wide runway and about 3000 feet in length. I loved it!

After completing three nice full stop landings I flew north to Campbell Airport in Gray Lake, IL. At Grays Lake I made a nice smooth landing only to have it be bounced around once on the ground by a runway that is in need of being flattened and resurfaced.

At that point it was time to return back to Palwaukee airport. As I prepared to turn my base leg for runway 34 I had a great view of O'Hare International Airport which was quite a site.

As usual it was wonderful spending a little over an hour in the air tonight and I look forward to my next flight.

Posted by at June 10, 2005 12:24 AM

I'll be interested to hear what you have to say about flying in/out of Midway should that still be on your Chicago agenda. One cool thing to consider: you can go "over the top" at Midway west>east or east<west to access the lakefront from the Southside. If you make the lakeshore flight south from PWK, tune Midway ATIS at about the site of the former Meigs Field and eventually request an airspace transition to the west. Unless it's incredibly busy, like on a Friday at 5pm, they'll be likely to take you straight over the field. It's incredibly cool to cross over a working airport like this one at about 1000' AGL.

Posted by: matt shobe at June 10, 2005 11:12 PM