October 28, 2004

Flying By Moonlight

nightlanding.jpgTonight I had supurb weather to fly in. When I arrived at the airport winds were light and variable, the visibility was unrestricted and it was a nice cool evening. I left Blue Ash airport and did some sightseeing with the windows open which is always enjoyable. As I was flying, the sun dropped below the horizon and I flew by the light of the moon.

The moon was close to full and started off a nice orange that seemed appropriate with Halloween approaching. My goal with tonight's flight was to enjoy the weather and then finish up with some night flying. In order to fly passengers at night you need to make three full-stop landings at night within 90 days. As daylight savings is ending the evenings will start sooner so I figured brushing up on night flying and staying current with regulations would be a great idea.

It had been a month or so since I last flew at night and somehow I had forgotten what a neat experience it was. I enjoyed flying over a night football game on my way back to the airport. At Blue Ash I made three full stop landings all along enjoying the aura of the airport lights. I think there are few colors or lights as stunning as taxiway lights. I just enjoy that color.

Don't forget to set your clock back Saturday night. Winter night flying is soon to be upon us.

Posted by at October 28, 2004 10:21 PM

Oh man .... i hear ya...night flying is quite the experience

Posted by: Richard Caetano at October 29, 2004 1:57 PM | Reply

I really like the site, looks like you and I think alike with regards to blog software. :)

I have a night flight scheduled soon myself, weather permitting! Enjoyed reading about your flight!

Posted by: Jason Miller at November 7, 2004 7:26 AM | Reply

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