July 28, 2004

Flight Requirements Fulfilled

navlog.jpgIn order to earn a Private Pilot's license, a candidate must complete 40 hours of flight training. Additionally, one must meet many sub-requirements. I have completed over 40 hours of training but had one remaining outage. I was 0.8 hours short of the 5.0 hours of solo cross country flight time requirement.

So today I flew from my home base of Blue Ash to Fleming-Mason Airport in Kentucky, which was the site of my first cross-country flight. Tonight was a perfect night for flying with a high ceiling, great visibility and smooth skies. The flight there took just over 40 minutes. I realized since this airport is somewhat off the beaten path for motorists, I probably made the trip in half the time it would have taken by car. In fact I map-blasted the route and it would have taken an estimated 1 hour and 37 minutes by car. Flying is nice, isn't it?

The return flight was great. I climbed to 4,500 feet and had a wonderful view of Cincinnati along the river. The sun dropped beyond the horizon and the lights of the city and its many bridges were magnificent. I really enjoy evening flying. I arrived back to a quiet Blue Ash Airport, satisfied that all my flight requirements are complete.

Tomorrow I will fly with my instructor to review for my flight exam which is scheduled for Saturday weather permitting.

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That's so awesome. Congrats and good luck on Sat. (weather permitting and all)

Posted by: Aaron at July 29, 2004 5:36 AM | Reply

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