June 15, 2004

Flight of Discovery - Lewis and Clark

flightofdiscovery.jpgI was unable to fly this evening due to work commitments. But, I was not so bummed out when I looked outside an saw it was raining.

So instead, I thought I would share a cool site with you. I am bit of a history buff and enjoy the history of Lewis & Clark's great adventure. There is a neat site that combines my passion for flying with my passion for history - www.flightofdiscovery.com.

Their site explains their mission best "The Flight of Discovery is a team of general aviation pilot/scientists who will fly the river corridors and overland routes of the Lewis and Clark expedition - the trail of the Corps of Discovery - during the 200th anniversary of the search for the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean. The expedition is slated to depart from Clark County Airport (JVY) and the Falls of the Ohio on June 1, 2004."

They have some really great aerial photography of Lewis & Clark's path to the west like the photo displayed to the right. Visit their site for photos from each leg of their trip.

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Hey Todd, this speaks more to Lewis and Clark then flying, but thought you might find it interesting:

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