May 3, 2010

Flight Feeds the Human Spirit

flightforhumanspirit_explorer9_2.jpgI was blessed to be surrounded by people in my life who fostered the understanding that one should always follow their dreams and that one can do anything they put their minds to. It was with that support that I sought my dream of learning to fly back in 2004.

So when I heard the story of Michael Combs, a pilot who is flying a Light Sport Aircraft to all 50 States to spread the message "it's never too late to follow your dreams", I knew I had to meet him. This afternoon he arrived in Chicago at Chicago Executive Airport.

I worked with my flight club, Windy City Flyers, who were kind enough to offer Combs hangar space for his stay. They also invited Combs to share his message with the Aviation Explorer Post 9, a group of 14-21 year olds interested in aviation. It was great hearing Combs sharing his message with these kids and encouraging them to continue to foster their love for aviation or whatever other dreams they might have.

Combs admitted that he had two options when coming up with his Flight for the Human Spirit. He could wait until it was completely funded but then he might never have made it off the ground. Instead he built a plan and after gaining some momentum and support he took to flight. Each day as he spreads his message he is receiving more and more support and sure enough things are coming together for his Flight for the Human Spirit.

I invite you to visit the Flight for the Human Spirit to track his adventure. You can support the flight by making a donation on the site as well.

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Thanks for this post! While I knew what he was doing from all the aviation email newsletters I receive, I honestly never clicked through to learn his whole story. After reading this I went over to his site - damn impressive and such a great thing he's doing!

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